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Easter Traditions in England

Easter Sunday is not just a holiday but also a special day that is celebrated to honor the Jesus' return to life. It's a day to celebrate the victory of life over death and light over darkness. Well, to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, every nation hosts some special kind of celebration that is specific to their region. Easter celebration in Britain is truly different. Read further to know about Easter traditions in England…

Here are some ideas about Easter customs and traditions in UK: -
  • As a part of Easter tradition, there is a trend among British people to eat yummy hams, in order to commemorate the Easter Sunday.
  • In England, special springtime dance troupes are called upon, to give exclusive Morris dance performances. This trend of holding dances is not new; rather it is a century old tradition.
  • In a small town of England called Olney, the tradition is of conducting pancake race on every Shrove Tuesday. It is an event that is celebrated on a large scale and people have a real gala time enjoying this unique day also addressed as Pancake Tuesday.
  • Churches are beautifully decorated with different color flowers. White lilies are placed on the altar and these gorgeous flowers are also displayed on the graveyard.
  • For offering prayers in the church, men and women dress up in their special outfits and as a part of their wardrobe, colorful Easter bonnets embellished with flowers is like a must.
  • Special Easter parades are held in Britain and the parade conducted at Battersea Park in London is a very popular one.

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