sobota, 11. april 2009


Today is Oleg Cassini's birthday. Oleg Cassini (April 11, 1913 – March 17, 2006) was a French-born American fashion designer noted for being chosen by Jacqueline Kennedy to design her state wardrobe in the 1960s. He became the exclusive costume designer for his then wife the American film and stage actress Gene Tierney. His designs appeared in ten of Tierney’s films in the 1940s and 50s.

He was born in Paris as Oleg Cassini Loiewski, the elder son of Countess Marguerite Cassini and her husband, Count Alexander Loiewski. His father was a Russian diplomat, and his maternal grandfather, Arthur Paul Nicholas Cassini, Marquis de Capuzzuchi di Bologna[1], Count Cassini, was the Russian ambassador to the United States during the administrations of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.

His father later adopted his wife's surname, which they deemed more distinguished, and when the family lost its status and fortune in the wake of the Russian Revolution, the Cassinis moved to Italy, where Marguerite Cassini went to work as a fashion designer.

Today is Joss Stone's birthday. Joss Stone (born Jocelyn Eve Stoker[1] on April 11th 1987) is an English soul and R&B singer-songwriter and actress.

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