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1.Which colours are in the flag of the UK?
Answer: Red, blue and white.

2.Christians celebrate Easter on the first_________ after the the first spring ______ ______.
Answer:Christians celebrate Easter on the first Sunday after the the first spring full moon.

3.What's the better name for the Easter rabbit?
Answer:Easter bunny.

4.What is the tradicional among kids in britain?
Answer:They buy presents for friends.

5.What do you say to people close to this holiday?
Answer: Happy Easter!

6.How do British celebrate Good Friday?
Answer:Day off. (Decorate eggs)

7.What is the special type of bread with raisins called?
(Sharing it with another ensure friendship throughout the coming year: ''Half for you and half for me, between us two shall godwill me!'')
Answer: Hot cross-bun.

8.When do the British go to Easter mass?
Answer: On Sunday.

9.Parents hide Easter eggs in the garden and this is called...........
Answer: Easter eggs hunt.

10.People shout:''Let's go _______ ___________!'' and then the race begins.
Answer:People shout:''Let's go egg rolling!''and then the race begins.

What about you? What you know about Easter and UK?

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